We offer iPhone Development Training through public courses that are held regularly in all Australian capitals. Delivered by experienced developers, we guarantee that you will walk out of our course well equipped to build your very own iPhone and iPad apps. We can also provide on-site coaching in a corporate environment - contact us if you're interested.


Create your own iPhone App Workshop for Kids aged 10-12 (full day)


Do something creative in the school holidays and go home after an action packed day with your very own iPhone App on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad Mini to show to your family & friends.

Learn how to create an app visually and the fundamentals of the code that glues your app together.

No prerequisites other than an interest in iPhone Apps & computers required; bring your own Mac or rent one from us.

Here is a summary of what you will learn during the one day Create your own iPhone App Workshop for Kids aged 10-12 (full day)


Ready, set, go - setting up your Mac

What are iPhone Apps?

Introduction to XCode

Our very first iPhone App

Click, click, click: Buttons, Colors & More

After an introduction that covers some of the impressive statistics and colorful history surrounding Apple's iOS devices we get started by making sure everyone has the right software on their Macs. To develop apps for the iOS device family, i.e. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini, you need a Mac (Macbook, Macbook PRO, MacbookAir, Mac Mini, iMac...) and need to register for a free developer account with Apple. Once registered, you can install XCode, the software used to build iPhone Apps, all the way from your first button to sending it off to the AppStore.

Once we've made sure you have all the tools you need in place you start by showing you around XCode. We explain the different components of an iPhone App and get started by building our first simple app, introducing simple elements such as labels and buttons.

We then take our apps a step further by introducing small bits of code (yep, it's real programming!) to make our apps more interesting; after all you don't just want to have buttons in your app, you want them to do something when you tap on them!

We break for our delicious lunch around 12:30, get some fresh air, so you're ready for some more iPhone magic in the afternoon.


Creating simple games

Adding animation & sound

Getting your app onto your device

After lunch we head straight into building a series of simple games, introducing concepts such as random numbers along the way. We aim to build at least 3 different minigames, including a memory game, in the afternoon that you will all be able to take home on your device (if you brought one!).

We refine our apps with animations and sound and introduce some more frequently used iPhone programming concepts.

Finally we customise our memory game with our very own photos and we'll help you get all the apps we developed onto your devices so you can take them home with you!