We offer iPhone Development Training through public courses that are held regularly in all Australian capitals. Delivered by experienced developers, we guarantee that you will walk out of our course well equipped to build your very own iPhone and iPad apps. We can also provide on-site coaching in a corporate environment - contact us if you're interested.


Do I bring my own Mac/Macbook? If you have your own Mac/MacBook/MacBook Air (any Intel based Mac will do really), you're making it a lot easier for us by simply bringing that in. We will let you know in advance what software you should install in preparation for the training, and how to go about that. We also recommend that, after installing, you try to log in and run XCode outside your normal network as we had several participants that brought corporate MacBooks that due to security restrictions their company imposed wouldn't allow them to use XCode correctly.

If you are unable to bring your own Mac, we can also provide a Mac for the duration of the course to you. Simply indicate this on the booking form - the hire fee varies from country to country (the amount will be shown when you request it in your booking) but is usually around AUD 300 + GST for the 3 days. If we provide the Mac then it'll come with all necessary software preconfigured and ready to go.

Where are your trainings held? We currently provide iPhone developer trainings & coaching in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe, through a team of Senior iOS developers that walk, cycle, drive & fly out of our offices in Sydney and Berlin. Check out the available dates & locations - or get the iPhoneCoach iPhone App, which not only lets you book a scheduled training but also request your own preferred locations & dates for a training to be held!
What is included in the training fee? All our trainings include morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea as well as refreshments throughout the day. We also offer free WiFi for all participants and we provide you with the full presentation as well as over 25 fully working sample apps in source code. We will also try to throw in the occasional joke and witty remark at no extra cost.

As a participant to our training you also get access to our iPhoneCoach alumni developer forum, where we provide ongoing support for any questions you may have as you take your iPhone App Development to the next level.

What is the level of the training and what previous experience should I ideally bring to the table? Our 3 Day iPhone developer training is an introductory training as far as iPhone Development is concerned; it covers a huge amount of terrain during its 3 days, and you will get the most out of it if you have previous experience - even if that was quite a while ago - with any Object Oriented programming language, whether it's Java, C++, C#, Smalltalk, Ruby or PHP.

If you've got experience with another programming language but have never worked with Object Orientation, don't worry - the course also introduces the most important OO concepts.

Why do the training fees differ between locations? Different venues have different associated costs, and we aim to pass any saving we can make in the venue on to you. This is why the trainings held in the boardroom of our South Sydney head office offer the best value for money - if you're prepared to come to us we save on venue hire & travel and you therefore get the same quality training at a significantly lower cost.
Do you offer on-site coaching? Yes, if your organisation is looking at having a group of developers trained on site, or you are looking for someone to spend some time with your team in a coaching/team leader capacity while you upgrade your internal iPhone development skills, we are happy to help. In those situations we can also customise the curriculum if you have specific topics you would like to cover in a training.
Do you cater for special dietary needs? We want you to thoroughly enjoy your training days with us - if you have any special dietary needs or concerns, simply contact us via email to support@iphonecoach.com.au
Is there a minimum and maximum number of participants for the trainings? Yes - we found that 16 is the maximum number of participants that a single coach can easily handle on their own. From our logs we can tell that the gaussian bell shape for our courses starts at 10 and ends at 14 participants, so you can expect a crowd of roughly that size.

The minimum number of participants varies from venue to venue - if a particular training fails to reach the minimum number we will let you know at least 7 days prior to the course, and you can then either reschedule your course to a later date, or get a full refund on your payment.

Can I cancel a booking I made? We do not offer refunds for bookings that have been confirmed & paid, however you can reschedule your booking to a later date if you let us know at least 7 days prior to the training date. If you are unable to attend yourself, you can also have someone else attend for you - simply change the name of the person attending from within your bookings on the iPhoneCoach website.